Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm reading more and more in preparation for my thesis paper, so you're likely to get more than one quote a week for a while. Right now I'm working on "The Power of Myth" and I have the Upanishads waiting in the wings as well as a short book of meditations from a monk I picked up super cheap yesterday at the bookstore. Oh, and another translation of the Gita. It might be time to get back into my GoodReads account and update it.

If you haven't read "The Power of Myth" you should. The whole book is an interview/discussion between Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell. Here's a passage I read this morning that I found particularly pertinent:

Moyers: "Have all men at all times felt some sense of exclusion from an ultimate reality, from bliss, from delight, from perfection, from God?"

Campbell:"Yes, but you also have moments of ecstasy. The difference between everyday living and living in those moments of ecstasy is the difference between being outside and inside the Garden. You go past fear and desire, past the pair of opposites."

Moyers:"Into harmony?"

Campbell: "Into transcendence."

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