Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awesome Jewelry that I Own!

I'm really very fortunate that I know so many talented and giving people who are willing to gift or trade me their fantastic work. Here are a few recent adds to my personal collection I've aquired over the past few months. (This is just a start, I've got some more awesome pieces to add to this later, including my "Wonder Triplet Power Ring".)

Spray painted costume jewelry and silver earrings by Tara Locklear.

Steel and silver earrings by Leia Zumbro.

Silver with steel and enamel "balls" by Jennifer Wells.

Copper and enamel heart brooch by Ken Bova, and cast silver and enamel brooch by Sarah West.

I'm excited because I've got other trades in the works with Laura Wood, Marlene True, Autumn Brown, Jennifer Wells and even Bob Ebendorf!

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