Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Art!!!

Here's a few more pieces I've recently acquired:
This is a brooch I traded for from Laura Wood's Tangled and Twisted series, which was part of her thesis. Laura and I are also trading for some custom work. She's making me a silver and abacca paper brooch and I'm working on a necklace for her. One of my favorite things about grad school has been the opportunity to get to know Laura and watch her work evolve. I'm so lucky to own so much of her work!

Laura and I even collaborated with the third member of our MFA trio, Marissa Saneholtz to make a set of Wonder Triplet Power Rings! Each one of us made a separate part of the rings: Marissa made the bands, I made the enamels and Laura made the settings. A little funky, a little outer spacish, we each have a reminder of our grad school awesomeness.

This ring was given to me as a graduation gift by a dear friend. I've been eyeing Charity Hall's work since I lost her piece to Linda Darty at Bob's scholarship auction in the fall. I found this ring at Emerge Gallery and immediately fell in love with it. It was such a pleasant surprise when if was gifted to me! It's a painted enamel Southern Green Stink Bug. I love the detailing on the ring band.

As I said before, I've got more trades in the works, so stay turned for more great art!

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