Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bob Necklace

So I think I mentioned the other week that I had a trade in the works with Bob Ebendorf. I asked Bob if he would make me a chain, thinking of something simple that I could put all my charms on. But I told Bob he had free rein, my only other input was on length. Well. Yesterday I received this fantastic piece of work. I love it. I love wearing it. I love the neutrals and little splashes of color.
Love this pearl.
Love this bone.
Bob said he put this rock on there just for me! How sweet! I don't think I could have asked for a better piece!

Just in case you're wondering, Bob will be getting a selection of wall brooches in return.

Thanks for reading!


Ali Haider said...

I really liked your blog it helped and inspired me to write a blog

Seguros riesgos extraños said...

todos hay cosas que no podemos evitar...lo mío son los chistes crueles...la mayoría de las veces me miran mal, pero siempre hay al menos UNO que se ríe xD