Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peter's Valley Part 2

The Fine Metals studio at Peter's Valley is up at the part of the campus called Thunder Mountain, along with the Photo, Fibers Surface, Woodworking and Special Topics studios. It's quite a hike to Thunder Mountain (neither thuderous nor a mountain), over a road rife with pot holes and puddles, one large enough to be a small pond. But still, the drive was very beautiful, and I found myself staring at the ponds and swamps even though I drove past them several times a day.

The fine metals studio is small but very well equipped. Biefi Cao, the Fine Metals Fellow for the summer, and my boss did A TON of work cleaning and organizing the studio before I even got there with the help of the other assistants. They were replacing the lights when I got there. Biefi and I cleaned out the storage closet and painted it to match the fresh paint in the rest of the studio.

There wasn't a metals class my first week there so after I sorted through all the enameling stuff, and finished mucking out the closet, there wasn't much else to do but make work. There isn't much to do at PV anyways, other than make work. I posed for a drawing for the kids day camp, and spent a day making books with them, but other than that, I was in the studio, making, making, making.

And counting rabbits. There were rabbits everywhere.

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