Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peter's Valley Part 4

The first of the two classes that ran in the Fine Metals Studio while I was at Peter's Valley was Beginning Metals taught by Raychel Wengenroth. It was a jam packed class that covered a TON of techniques. The students were super eager to learn everything and Raychel was just one of the sweetest people, with truly impeccable craftsmanship. Seriously, I don't know anyone who brings anything to a high polish, let alone everything to a high polish. We all had fun rockin' out in the studio, but the New Jersey State Fair was happening down the road, and Raychel and I managed to get away to see it one evening, despite the rain.
I'm not super into riding all the rides, but I do enjoy the look of the. The ferris wheel was them only one I managed to get a shot of though.
I love fairs for the agriculture. I've never done any real farming beyond a vegetable garden, but there was some farming blood in my family in the not so distant past. I don't really have any interest in farming myself, but I do appreciate the amount of work and dedication it takes.
Baby goats!
I was so enamored with this rabbit. He looked like a ghost rabbit, and also looked like he'd be super speedy.I'd totally love to have a rabbit like this someday, but out of about 50 or so rabbits on display, he was the only one without a label on his cage, so I have no idea what breed he is.
Bunny butt!
There were a couple of these crazy show pigeons that looked they they were wearing feather boas. I've never seen anything like it.

I would have liked to spent a little more time at the fair, but after checking out the livestock, the Peter's Valley booth and the domestic arts exhibits, the fair was closing for the day. I also missed both the Pitt County Fair and the North Carolina State Fair, which makes me mad because neither of them are very far away. I just didn't get off my lazy butt to go. Oh well, who knows what state I'll be in next year!

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