Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mantras of the Week

These aren't just quotes, but they've really become my mantras:

"'This is enough' was always true." ~Rumi

This helps keep me centered, helps me to keep things in perspective. I try to remember that I have enough, I am enough, this piece or that is enough the way it is. I try to remind myself that I have everything I need right now to get done what I need to get done. This also applies to time. Instead of thinking I don't have enough time, I try to remember that everything always seems to get done by the time it needs to be done. And if it doesn't, then maybe it wasn't so important in the first place. And even if it is, and it still doesn't get done, the world will not explode.

"White cow, don't make yourself miserable with what's to come or not to come." ~Rumi

I waste WAY too much time worrying about things I can't control, or way off in the future. This helps keep me more in the moment and take things as they come.

"Not my job!"

This is a mantra of self preservation. Sometimes, certain things aren't you job. Sometimes, you have to do those certain things anyway, which is annoying. But, sometimes you can say "It's not my job." Also, if you can't say it to the person's face, it helps when you vent later to your friends.


Lisette said...

I like reading your quotes. And especially this posting about "i'm enough". It's SO easy to think you're not doing enough or feel like you should. I have to remind myself to take time out to reflect and NOT do anything so that I can process and let new ideas come in.


Liz Steiner said...

I'm so glad you like the quotes! I noticed that I have to take some down time or I'm no good to anybody, least of all myself!