Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Process Shots of the Week

Ok, these are from last week. Most everyone was away last weekend, so I pretty much had the studio to myself for a couple days. I really love the people I get to work with everyday, but it was really nice to have a little totally focused uninterupted studio time. I made about 10 of those rock forms and am working on stitching some beach stones in fabric to go with them.

The little book I started in my book arts class last week and stitched together last night. We're also doing a slightly larger version, with wooden covers that's pretty cool. I still have to finish stitching that.

My pins for SNAG are DONE! As are my business cards. I'm trying to save money any way I can these days, so I made my own business cards out of scrap card stock and address lables with my info on them. Each card has a different little sketch on it. I figure they'll be ok for the pin swap, and I can keep my free, more professional looking cards from Moo, for people who warrent a more professional card. Does that make me a buiness card snob?

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