Monday, March 15, 2010

SNAG Houston Pt. 1

I'm back from the conference, safe and sound and mostly recovered. Houston was my third SNAG conference, and overall pretty good. The conferences keep getting more interesting for me as I get to know and meet more people in the field. I've got lots to blog about, and I'm going to take it one piece at a time. I'm going to start with the student show, because I haven't photographed my pins from the swap yet.

My Salt Vessel piece was in the Student Show, the Student Slide Show, and an image of it was also in the conference program (Thanks Arthur!) I wasn't super happy about how it was displayed at the Student Show. I should have included an image of the piece being worn to display with the piece. Oh well, live and learn.

Overall, I though the work was really great. The past two conferences I've been to, there's been a lot of work that was in both the slide show and the actual show, but this year there were only a few repeats (mine included). It was nice to see a wider variety of work.

Sorry the lighting on these pictures is so bad, and I'm also sorry I don't have photos of my favorite pieces from this show. (What the hell was I thinking?) Anyways, my favs were Loring Taoka's bowls and Erika Uzmann's sea slug brooches. There was a lot of other stuff I liked, but these are the pieces that I still remember days later.

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