Friday, March 19, 2010

SNAG Houston Pt 3

While taking in the excellent exhibitions at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, I was able to touch base with Gabriel Craig and his partner Amy Weiks, who are both working as artists in residence at HCCC. Gabriel and I got a chance to talk a little bit, and he was nice enough to let me shoot some pictures of the space that he and Amy share.
I absolutely loved the work Amy had on display. Unfortunately my pictures of her brooches didn't turn out so great (I've done a lot of apologizing on this blog for all of my bad images. Maybe I should take a photo class.) I also love this neckpiece of hers (top photo). A larger version was in the Exhibition in Motion and it was difficult to tell what the materials were, especially since I couldn't hear the announcer from where I was. Both are made out of hand dyed terry cloth and glass beads. I love that Amy uses glass beads, which always seem to get a bad rap in the metals community. I started out as a beader, and still love beads, but haven't ever been able to work seed beads into my work successfully. It's great to see an artist who has. I was also very intrigued by these sketches of Gabriel's (bottom photo).
Gabriel also gave a talk at the conference. You can read the entirety on his blog Conceptual Metalsmithing.

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