Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 1: 20-3-20

20-3-20, University Book Exchange, Greenville, NC

After the Tin Show, everyone headed over to 20-3-2: Rings on display at local art supply store/gallery space, University Book Exchange. 20-3-20 was curated by Justin Klocke, and Mike Ruta and was intended to "get the work into the hands of people". They invited 20 emerging artists to make a ring in 3 weeks, resulting in 20 rings. Origionally shown in Chicago during SOFA, 20-3-20 was then invited to Athens, GA, and Greenville, NC.

Mike Ruta, Gold is Just Metal

The set up of the show truly did get the work into hands of people. Attached by cables to a long, suspended board, the rings were free to be picked up and handled, without the risk of having them walk off or be pocketed. I love this idea. Seriously, does any piece of jewelry ask to be picked up and tried on more than a ring? Especially this rubber stamp Gold is Just Metal ring, by Mike Ruta. The wall behind this piece was covered in post it note, where viewers had tested its stamping properties.

Justin Klocke, 10-SS-AU-X

Joe Churchman, Cabochon

There were many excellent rings, but my absolute favorite was Laura Wood's Tribute Ring. This ring consists of an antique engagement ring incased in abaca paper, framed in silver. This is such a beautiful way to re-purpose, but still preserve a family heirloom. I love the clean, elegant design. The engagement ring becomes a cameo like portrait of its previous owner.

Laura Wood, Tribute Ring

These shows made an awesome start to an awesome weekend! Next up: Caroline Gore's keynote lecture.

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Click here for more information on 20-3-20.

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