Friday, February 25, 2011

Progress Report

Wow, February is coming to a RAPID close, which give me only about another 6 weeks until D-Day. My thesis paper has to be submitted by April 15th, which is also the same say as the opening for my exhibition. I am running out of time.

I feel like I had a fairly productive week, despite feeling a bit under the weather. But there's always tons more to be done. Here's my "To Do" list for the weekend:

- Finish Flows Like Water
- Finish Save Me from Myself
- Finish first draft of thesis paper
- Empty dishwasher
- Fold Laundry
- Cook an actual meal
- Take some pictures with my new camera
- Update my Etsy Sites
- Spend some time outside
- Get wicked drunk (by "get wicked drunk", I mean have one beer and fall asleep)
- Watch the Oscars

A tall order, but I think it can be done. Happy weekend!

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