Friday, September 14, 2007

Fun with Dog Words

So while my brainstorming session for the Droog project was interesting, I feel like it put me back at square one. I am over the Post-it note idea and back to the color idea. Only this time I'm back to assigning a color for each day and this time I'm recording it. I still want to enamel small squares for each color, and no they woun't be one flat color, there would be some depth to them. I'm thinking about putting velcro or something on the backs and then having them attatch to a large piece of felt like a giant wall calender and then have a little place for the brooch to pin. The problem is, I don't feel like this is Droog enough. I feel like I sould really try to do something funny or clever, but I feel like my dry wit has dried up for the time being. I feel like the more I try to push to make this witty, the less sucess I'll have. I don't know. I bought some Magnetic Poetry to mess around with. They didn't have Original, so I bought Dog Lovers. So now I have lots of words to play with, but they're all dog related. I need Random Magnetic Poetry, or Irreverent Magnetic Poetry.Maybe I'll make my own and mess around with it some more.
Here are my best from my dog poetry so far:
behind hungry squirrel
no brown poop on my street
beautiful eat
remember over bed
investigate around where to nuzzle
sweet wet tongue

1 comment:

amyk said...

never must open
mutt growl
discover stick behind
leash empty
street happy