Wednesday, September 26, 2007

After Thoughts on Project 1

So over all, the polar bear shirts came off fairly well. I should have tried more colors of shirts, particularly blues, which I feel would have produced a whiter white. I also could have experimented/pushed the tags more. The tags could have become their own thing entirly. I think the bleach pen on the interior of the stencil yeilded the best image, but the negative space polar bear is not without its charms. There could have been more variation in the images on the back. I feel like there could be more than the three interpretations I presented in class(ie: there could have been a better walk/ride your bike option). And of course there could have been more. because there can always be more. And they should have been covered in glitter.
The only things I felt were missing in the first four weeks were maybe some discussion on the readings (any readings) and maybe an inclass workday or two, just to see what everyone was up to, and where everyone was at with their project.


Rebecca Dortzbach said...

when are you going to bring puff marker t-shirts back?? i want one about unicorns

amandak said...

I loved you ideas on going about this project. I think you did great. The tags were amazing and looked professional (I've seen tags that looked similar when I used to work at American Eagle). I think that if there was more time it would have been cool to see other colors and like you said glitter or maybe jewel eyes or even white shirts with a brown dye or something. You could take your idea and go in so many directions.