Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So I thought the episode "Wear" from Big Ideas for a Small Planet was really spectacular. I especially liked the idea of the Swap O' Rama Rama, and I was wondering if that was something that we could put on here at TU. Could the Metals Club host a similar event, maybe out in the atrium as a fundraiser for the Porject Object workshop? Just a thought. Might be interesting.
Pictures of my Polar Bear shirts (so far) have been posted on my Flickr site. Check it out!


Jangrrrrl said...

Great, Liz.
I am really glad you are here in this program. You are very creative and have all kinds of energy and positiveness. Thanks for contributing so well t our community.
Keep up the good work.

I also hop onto things like this that exist elsewhere which I think is fine and good. (Think The Stoop which grew out of NYC's The Porch.) I challenge myself to come up with new ideas as well and brainstorming helps me. I learned early on that the best ideas often come from many people thinking together.

Rebecca Dortzbach said...

hey im interested, lets do it. ive got a machine. mabye we could see if annie(alum) has any thoughts and could we spread the word at holiday heap or see if we make any connections there? mabye i can find some old tutu's:-) no i was never a ballerine, obviously

Jangrrrrl said...

Not so obvious that you weren't a ballerina, Rebecca. And the thought of people who don't fit the ballerina profile doing ballet is actually a more interesting one to me.