Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who's Who at Target

Who's who at Target? Who shops at Target? I shop at Target, you shop at Target, our friends shop at Target. I'd say the majority of the people who shop at Target are middle class citizens of nearly any age or race. Target appeals to a braod spectrum of people. I'd say most of the people who shop at Target are not design literate. They do not know the nuts a bolts of a good design, or the importance of good design. They do not specifically seek good design. But they shop at Target because they like the things that Target sells. Target sells many items that are not only designed well, but are unpretencious and appeal to the average American. Target makes design affordable for nearly anyone.
Why should we care? We (as in my design class) should care because we are everyday, average American citizens. With one exception. We know HOW to design. We have the creativity and critical thinking skills to design and create. We should care because WE could design for Target. Or be part of team the designs for Target. Which would mean a job with a paycheck so that my rabbit won't starve.

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