Saturday, September 1, 2007

What is Droog?

"Droog is a brand and a mentality: design of products that do what they should and think about why they’re doing it in the first place: function? fun? wit? criticism? All of the above?
Droog is a curatorial collection of exclusive products, a congenial pool of designers, a distributed statement about design as cultural commentary, a medium, working with cutting edge designers and enlightened clients, taking the production and distribution of its collection into its own hands, being unique in its conceptual and contextual approach towards design.
Yes, I cut and pasted that directly from their website, but who can say it better than they can?"
Droog is Dutch for "dry" as in dry wit (the best kind) and is based in the Netherlands. The design products that do what they are meant to do and also think about why they're doing it.
Droog was founded by Gijs Bakker and Renny Ramaker, who controll the firm today. they keep an eye out for up and coming designers through magazines, exhibitions and studio vists. When Droog recieves a commison, they select a designer or group of designers who they feel are best suited to the job. They seem to work on a "give and take" system with the designers, they direct, but are also inspired by. Problems are solved through discussion.
Droog's Philosophy on Design:
"Droog works in close collaboration with designers who share our outlook on design and its contexts. We value continuity in our commitment to selected designers, which allows us to continually deepen our understanding of each other’s fascinations and explore the range of possible answers to the questions which intrigue us."
Droog seems to design everything from funiture to luggage to glass objects.
Want to work for Droog? Don't call them, they'll call you.

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Jangrrrrl said...

Good start, Liz. Clipping directly from their site is fine as long as we get your editorial as well, which we have some of. When you discovered what "droog" translated to in the Dutch language, I hope you felt a surge of happiness! I'd like to see examples of their work that you like.

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